Reducing Taxes On Social Security – Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Debatable Issue

The Social Security Act of 1935 is among the primary acts the United States government is imposing. The acts main function is to give a lifetime reward to workers who have retired by the age of 65. That was the time of the Midst of Depression and where programs regarding social security were then based on. Due to the expansion of these programs, the programs are considered to be a leading federal program. The funds for these programs demand almost a quarter of the funds in the federal.

For in a long time now, the payments given by the social security programs were free of tax. This was the setup since for the most part of the grantees life, the grantees were paying for their social security record.

In this case, change has always been a part of our life. Just like for programs in Social Security, it has changed over the years and are still subject to change. Presently, a part of the payments given by the programs is taxable. There was one period where the benefits were almost taxed by 50% and other brackets even reached 85% taxable rate. Various measures were tried and employed in reducing the tax rates of the payments, however majority of them were futile. Due to the changes, it won’t be a surprise if there would come a year where people would pay the benefits of their social security at a very high rate. This could be partly attributed to increasing population. One important setback that is situation reflects is that because of the increasing population, some time in the future many people would become dependent on the social security programs especially the benefits when the time for their retirements comes. The setback could probably be best solved if the tax rates could be lessened by the government. In this way, there’s a higher probability that people would gain more income.

Another possible solution that could be taken as of the moment is to increase the rates of the taxes imposed on present employees. This way could somehow ensure that while there is an increasing population, the entire system would not necessarily fall apart. Presently, employees pay taxes after earning $90,000 firstly. The employees are still taxed similarly, since in this way the government is able to increase the cap rather than having the employees pay a higher percentage. In this way, the burden in placed on the higher bracket employees rather than those middle class ones.

One concern arising presently is that the social security and its benefits are now put at risk. There are retirees now enjoying benefits that people in the future would not be able to perhaps enjoy. Currently, it is determined that employees now would be getting 25% less of the benefits that retirees are enjoying presently. However retired grantees are also on the lookout to make sure that even with the booming population, taxes would be reduced so that we could avoid having people living underneath the poverty line.

Those who are currently working and paying for their benefits could be assured that in the long run they would be able to enjoy the benefits they are saving for now with additional savings for that matter. The present situation demands that the government find ways to reduce the taxes so as to avoid the conflict that the benefits enjoyed by the retirees presently would not be the same as to the retirees in the future. The changes could happen given that bad case social security programs are now encountering, it would perhaps be possible for the government to eventually lessen the taxes on these benefits and programs.


Make a Profit With Real Estate Investments

With the current financial climate the way it is, investments are looking down for investors worldwide. Stock markets are not doing as well and in turn neither are the funds which invest there. Gold has become too expensive to purchase as are many other resources. That does not leave investors many places to receive a good return. Except for one type of investment, the age old guaranteed way to get a return – real estate.

Traditionally real estate has been one of the safest investments, especially long term. There is always a need for housing, and no matter current financial markets, your investment is always safe and will almost always increase. Of course when we talk real estate investments, many people will think of the family home, but there is more money to be made in this industry.

The most common way in which people make money in real estate is by purchasing the home or apartment and leasing it out to others for a fee each month. Now this may be to long term tenants which are considered, safer as the monthly rental fee is more stable. Or for apartments or homes in popular tourist destinations, there is a rental fee per night or week. This type of holiday accommodation will lead to much higher fees, but this may not be as stable, especially in the case of holiday destinations with down times (such as winter in some locations).

The two common methods in which people pay for real estate investments are as follows. For those with a large amount of liquid cash, they may choose to own the property outright. This saves from paying any interest and will mean any rental income is coming right into your pocket. However for others who don’t have the outright capital or wish to own many holiday homes, various bank and personal loans can be used to purchase the property. With these loans one may choose to pay the ‘mortgage’ down each month with the rental income (as this will decrease the interest you pay). Others choose to use the concept of an interest only loan, which is where they only pay the interest of the loan and never any of the principal. In this situation the return on investment comes when it is time to sell the real estate. You need to be careful of this type of loan and be sure the property price will increase each year with a higher percentage than the interest you pay.

No matter how you decide to pay for real estate investments, be assured they are a great money maker and sure to bring upon a return. If you look at some of the self made millionaires around the world, you will notice something common between nearly all of them. They made their money in real-estate investments and property development. Often starting off with one property these savvy investors make such high returns that they are soon controlling many properties and even their own skyscraper buildings. Start your journey today and invest in real-estate to make a profit.


4 Little Known Secrets to Becoming a Profitable Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing business has gotten a lot of buzz in recent times due to advances in internet technologies and upsurge of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

However, some affiliate marketers especially beginners struggle to earn profitably because they do not thoroughly understand the business.


Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning online commissions by promoting products and services. Your commissions are earned each time you get a lead (Potential customer) or sell products online.The interesting aspect of affiliate marketing business is that you can make a ton of money with a little monetary investment.

Furthermore, you can start the business without products or services of your own, work from home and earn passive income even while sleeping if you have an effective system in place.


Register under the affiliate program of reputable companies that have valuable products and services.

Decide on the niche products to focus on.

Get your custom affiliate tracking link for each product you decide to promote online.

Select the right traffic source to use in promoting the product.

Decide on the marketing strategy to use i.e Blogging, video or social media marketing.


Focus on a single niche at a time

You should choose a niche that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about. For example, Weight loss, Supplements, Nutrition, Pet training etc. This enables you to easily persuade your customers to buy your products. Also, this will allow you to learn and acquire new selling strategies that will increase your sales and multiply your profits.

Select traffic sources

It is recommended to focus on 2 traffic sources at a time. I will recommend focusing on one search engine and one social media traffic at a time. This enables you to properly track and optimize campaigns launched on each platform thereby maximizing your profits per product.The secret of super affiliates is their ability to focus on a traffic source, testing and tracking campaigns optimally.

Test marketing strategy to use

You can never know if either blogging, social media or video marketing will be most profitable until you test marketing strategies such as:

Blogging: You can write a blog post using well research keywords for search engine optimization. This attracts your clients to your blog and causes them to make a decision.

Video marketing; You can make a video describing the features of the product then you upload it on YouTube for people to watch.

Social Media Marketing: This is the commonest and the easiest method especially for beginners. Facebook is a very good platform because it has lots of groups/forums where you can find people who are interested in your product and service. You can easily send them a friend request and pitch your products to them.

Track the data/results gotten from each of the methods then you focus on the method that produces the greatest profit.

Select the traffic type

The traffic type can either be free or paid traffic.

Free traffic involves search engine optimization, social media groups, and article marketing. The drawback of this method is that it does not allow you to target your client based on their interests and demographics.

Paid traffic involves using Pay per click or Pay per view advertising on search engine and social media platforms. This method is faster, associated with increased conversion and profits because it allows you to target your clients specifically based on interests and other features.

Finally, affiliate marketing business is very lucrative and you can start becoming profitable today once you implement the strategies above.


Cash Flow Loans – Helps Your Problems Flow Away

It’s obvious that you would want the funds fast when your need for money is urgent. Also your requirements might be for short term only. In such a situation cash flow loans are the ideal option. Cash flow loans are ideal to meet the requirements of day to day business operations.

You may need this loan for any of your business related needs like starting a new venture, expanding business, purchasing equipments, stationary etc. You can not predict your future need of money under such conditions and therefore the cash flow loans are adopted by many for regular cash flow in need. You should actually apply for a cash flow loan only if you have a valid reason because excessive debts also may lead you to fall in trouble.

Secured and unsecured, two forms of cash flow loans are available. For secured cash flow loans you will have to place collateral against the loan amount and for unsecured loans no placing of security is required. The rate of interest for the secured loans is low and the repayment period is longer. Money generally offered in the secured cash flow loans are £1,000 to £25,000 for a period of 1 to 10 years.

If you do not want to risk your property then the unsecured cash flow loans can be beneficial in order to avail a loan. Money generally offered in the unsecured loans is less than the secured loans. Here you can borrow an amount up to £15,000 and can repay it within 3 to 7 years. As these loans are for a short term therefore, it is obvious that the rate of interest will be higher. In fact, that too is not a problem because you can search for better deals offering lower interest rates.

Cash flow loans get approved in very short time and the loan amount is transferred to your account within few hours of approval of loan. You can therefore very easily approach the cash flow loans as these are cheaper than the long term loans and are very beneficial for urgent needs too.